How to install Roll-up(RU 5) in Ax2009

Hi All,

I have two AX environments(E1 and E 2) in the same machine . i want to install RU5 for both the environments,but when i run the RU5 setup file,only one environment gets listed in the list(E2) to run the RU.Eventhough i stop the E2 service,the E1 does’nt gets listed in RU5 setup.What is that i’m missing.please help…


Hi, I tried all the combination and this combintaion worked for me. As i have two environments,first if i want to install RU 5 in E1,i should have only the AX service of E1 running. Again after finishing for E1,stop the AX service of E1 and start the AX service of E2 and continue installing RU 5 for E2. -Rajee