How to install Navision for testing!?

I need som advise about installation of Navision 4.0 SP2.

My purpose is to develope a .NET application that will communicate with Navision by NAS to export/import some data.

I did tried several times and it seems that some tings are not quite OK.

Is there any description for installation?!

My plan is the following

  1. Install Nacision Server
  2. Install navision Application Server
  3. Creating/modifying NAS services

And then start to explorer the Navision

All these installation will happend in a single PC.

Am I completely wrong!?

Read the pdf-files to install all of it. You can find those on the installation CD.
These explain how to install this.

Believe me, I did read the installation doc, but it is possible that I overlook some important issue.

I have this simple question, My operating system is XP PRO, can I install server, client and NAS in this PC?

I think the problem may be that you are trying to do too many steps at once.

First install Navision Client with a local database and get that to work properly.
Once that is functioning and you can get into Navision, and post docuemnts, then install the server, make sure to use TCP and then try to connect the client to the server and then the server to your earlier database. Look for the documents you posted to make sure it is accessing the correct database, and in Databse Options, make sure you are connecting via server, and not directly to the database.
Now try installing NAS using the same connection paramaters.

But don’t even look at NAS until you have basic Navision in a client server environment up and running.

You are probably right.

Here is the scenario:

Single PC with XP pro with MS SQL Server 2000

2 CD’s with installation componenets and a developer lisence

and I tried several times to do following steps

  1. From CD one I clicked on demo and this install the server and to client( classic and sql ).

  2. Replaced demo lisence with my developer lisence.

  3. Again From the menu I did click the servers to install NAS

  4. Tried to sett u services as in document and when I did look in my events så I see

    The TCP/IP connection’s ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED).

abot my service

I will uninstall all and try as you advised.


I think its better that way. Also start on natvie before you get onto SQL.

Hi David,

Thanks for your advised, I am almost there.

I have this funny warning on my services (barca-classic barca-sql)

the translation is like that

the service could not be startet with startupparameter “mystartparameter”

mystartparameter is the name of my startupparameter.

I did checked in my Codeunit 1 and there is a function with ID 99 is is demand.

I did tried to search in the forum but no luck!?:frowning:

How can I resolve this problem!?

It sounds like you may have a coding issue in your function99. Try taking everything out of the function but the call to YOUR functionality. How are you running your functionality, single instance codeunit that starts a timer or what?

Also you can debug your code by creating a codeunit that runs the codeunit 1 function99 and running that from a Navision client with debugger on to catch the errors…