How to install NAV 5.0 SQL version on Terminal Server Win2k3 Citrix Metaframe 4.5?


we are planning to make a technical upgrade from 3.50 to 5.0 We are already using the SQL-Version.

We already got the information from our Navision Partner that we should not install the Feature Pack 1. Is there any other interesting topic (for ecample: dlls which must be add manually in the registry) or other well known errors about the NAV 5.0 Installation we should no - or can we install it like a normal Client-Installation on a PC?

Thanks in Advance


Navision 3.70 and later some times it was tricky to install in terminal services / citrix, you had to manually register DLL, etc. Many of those issues were solved in version 4.0. NAV 5.0 it’s easy to install in TS as a regular workstation installation.

Hi Nuno,

thanks for your answer.

To all: It would be great if you know any other Error regarding NAV 5.0 SQL version in combination with Citrix 4.5. It would be also fine to here that is running without problems on your terminal server farm.