How to install fob file?

Dear All, I have just downloaded the Business Analytics UK version , and there is one fob file BA_UK.fob that needs to be installed. Where could I find documentation on how to install the fob file? or could anyone share with me how is this done? Thanks a lot! stb

Go to Object Designer. Then, File, Import,…

Although Cris is technically correct, please keep in mind that you need to know what you are doing. Importing UK objects into a Malaysian database could be quite disasterous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Thanks Chris and David for your advice, should be OK i guess, cuase i am preparing a pre-sales demo on Cronus Int…thanks again! [:)]

mm…just a moment, there is no “file” in my object designer… it only has 1. table 2. form 3. report 4. dataport 5. XMLport 6. codeunit 7. menusuite 8. All Or have I gone to the wrong menu? or wrong license? (I got the Object designer from “Tools” on the top menu bars). Thanks again…

Hi stb, i hope you are kidding? if not: How do you open a document in Word when Word is started. On the Left top there is a menu “File”. And in Navision it’s the same.

stbnavi2 you are looking in the wrong place. You are looking at the Designer Form where you edit objects. File means the menu at the top of the screen. BTW you pretty much should not import GB objects into an international database, ESPECIALLY since you have never done it before, and even more importantly because its a demo. You are going to look pretty bad in front of the customer when you start getting odd error messages that you don’t understand. I suggest you get one of your companies developers to do this prior to the demo. The cost of loosing the client has to be taken into account here.

Thanks folks!! Now I got it … [:P] Sure will test it out David, and worst come to worst I will demo the stand alone Biz Ana sample without showing how you create the cube in Nav and make it run on the BA.

The safest way would be to run the Demo on a GB database. Just be carefull that your license is OK with some of the local objects.