How To Install Dynamics AX version 4 in Windows 8

How to install Dynamics AX version 4 on Windows 8,

I already install net Framework version 2.0, but it still failed




=== Setting up Client ===
Launching MSI: /i “\\fa$\Software\AX4.0\Msi\Client\Client.msi” /qb-! /l*v “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics AX Setup Logs\2016-11-23 14-55-19\Client Log.txt” DIRECTEXECUTE=1 INSTALLDIR=“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client” ADDLOCAL=“hENUS,Debugger,License,Config”
Error during setup of Client.

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First of all, copy the files locally. Maybe the installer has a problem with accessing them via administrator sharing.
What’s inside Client Log.txt?