How to insert the header No. in the subform

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a new page with a header and a subform.

In the source table of the subform I created a field named “Group No.” and I set the TableRelation to “myTable”.“No.”

In the header page I set the SubPageLink to “Group No.”=FIELD(“No.”).

When I insert a line in the subform, I look at the table and find the field “Group No.”(which is supposed to contain the header No.)


What shall I do to populate this field?

I looked into tables 36 and 37 with pages 42 and 46 but couldn’t figure it out…

Can anyone help me on how to proceed???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Please check if the Group No. in the table is inside the primary key or not… it should be one of the fields in the primary key…

that is when this will work.



Infact, I added the field to the key and now the header no. is being inserted in the subform but when I insert many lines in the subform, only the last one is being stored in the table…

Why is that?