How to insert more lines in sales line

Dear User,

Am doing a Dataport, where a record has to insert more lines in sales line table. For example if a record has more than one line in a table, how to insert through data port.



hi Seshadri,

i think we can import dataport regardless of the lines in it. because the dataport takes datas from the table only, if the table has more lines then it will get imported! provided the imported file is compatiable.

Hi Seshadri,

First of all then I don’t think that I would recommend a beginner to use a dataport to insert orders. There is too much which can go wrong here. Instead I will suggest that you use the dataport to import the header and lines into a buffer table and then code a function to change the buffer to the sales line.

Second, if you decides to go forward with this anyway, then each sales line record needs unique primary keys, and the primary key is Document Type, Document No. and Line No. - most likely then you forget to set the line number.