How to insert dimension into journal

Hi guys,

I am trying to insert stocks balance (for new implementation) using item journal using dataport.

The data imported is successful but when i tried to post error message:

A dimension used in Item Journal ITEM, OPENBAL, 100 has caused an error. Select Dimension Value code ‘ABC’ for the Dimension Code BRAND for Item 123456

The brand dimension (check from default dimension) is set for this particular item.

-In my dataport I had added,
DimMgt.InsertJnlLineDim(83, ‘ITEM’,‘OPENBAL’, LineNo, 0, GlobalDimCod1, GlobalDimCod2);

-Journal Line Dimension Table:
The item 123456 dimension (Shortcut Dimension 1-Product, Shortcut Dimension2- Brand) is there.

Is there any code that i should include in my dataport ?