How to insert data from form to table in AX

How to insert data from PurchTable form in to VendPackingSlipTrans & VendPackingSlipJour

By posting delivery note.

we have add a new field on PurchTable form And i want to insert these field in to VendPackingSlipTrans Table at the time of Posting (i.e. when click on Posting button)

Usually for these type of things. There is a an init method on the table.

For the VendPackingSlipJour use the initFromPurchTable method.

\Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPackingSlipJour\Methods\initFromPurchTable

In the case of the VendPackingSlipTrans - you can use either one of these methods:

\Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPackingSlipTrans\Methods\initFromVendPackingSlipJour

\Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPackingSlipTrans\Methods\initFromPurchTable

Have a play with these methods.