how to increase inventory count.

please help me urgently on what’s the procedure to increase the inventory count of a particular item. i have tried posting a purchase order but in vain…plz help.

have a postive adjustment

you can do the above thru Item Journal…entry type Positive Adjmt.

thnk u so much for ur help…i am done wid the process…thnz again…

Dear Rupal,

Please remember to click the “Verify Solution” on Amer’s post, if this solved your problem.

Thank you.

I hope for your sake and the clients that this is a test only. What are you trying to acheive?

Hi Rupal,

Why do you want to increase inventory?

Are you doing it on production (live ) server? If it is just on test database and for learning purpose, then it is OK, otherwise this should never be done…