How to improve our organisation?

hi all,

We have asked to give suggestion on how to improve our organisation, it could be Nav related or general. so can any join in this discussion with me please?

thanks in advance:)[:D]

Which organization are you talking about?

And how could we know what is wrong with it? We don’t work there or work with it. I think this should be directed at your customers, or people who actually have something to do with your business.

mmmm i am asking in general, You all can share how your organisation is presently,with that i could see whether ours is to improve or not. Our company is very small one. so any thoughts will be welcomed:)

Ours is relatively a small software consulting company. presently our rules are

  1. monday - thursday we hav to wear formal.

  2. friday- causals

3)every 1st monday of every month Mens have to wear suits and woman either saree or formal pant and shirt.

  1. every 1st friday of every month we have birthday parties in our company and color code for that we be said prior to it.

  2. timings is 9 am - 6 pm or 9:30 am to 6:30 pm! we have to clock 8 hrs a day.

i think this about sums up our rules. so now can you get an picture about our company? so please suggest from improvements in this.

Hi Shona,

Sorry, but this is the most funny question and comment I have seen for a long time.

The question is just the same as if I asked you: “What do you think is wrong with my new car? Is it the color or the size of the engine?”

Without putting that into content (like in my case telling you more about the car I have), then it’s impossible to answer.

And then when asked about details about your organization, then you start to mention you rules for when to wear formal, casual or suits. And besides these rules sounds so funny to most Danish people - normally you wear what you want - depending on what you do and the norm of your office. But these rules have nothing to do with what you can do to improve your organization, as that’s basically just the typical “workplace culture” in your country (sounds very familiar to how it was in my company’s office in Mumbai).

But if you want to improve your organization then you have to describe your organization in detail. First then you can start to analyze what you can do to improve it.

And just to come with an example, then you might say that your company besides Navision, sells and supports Axapta, Microsoft CRM and maybe another ERP system. Then I would say that if “relatively small” means just the same as here in Denmark (10-25 people), then I would say that you should drop most of the system and concentrate on 1 or max 2 systems.

hi erik,

thanks for your reply.

yeah as you said we do have various department in our company, nearly 75 are working in the company and some are in on-sites.

Departments like Dynamics Nav,As 400,Os,QAD,Java edwards,Sap , BPCS etc…

i just want you all to get an fair ideal of what our company is like in general(thats why i specified all the rules and regulations), because our aim is to improve it. Improvement can be in either Tehnical,functional or in general.

we have about 2 weeks before which we have to send our final report. i have already given 2 ideals.


Even with 75 people, then I would say that you are supporting too many different ERP systems (I expect that you mean JD Edwards - not Java Edwards!) to be able to do it right. It’s much better to focus on 1 or maybe two ERP systems. And then try to focus on a few different industries, instead of just saying “We can do it all - we work with all industries”.

yeah sorry! thats want i meant! JD edwards!

mmmm but we hire only the best mostly! so i cant agree with what you said about us not being able to do it all! the are dedicated people for every dept. so that has never posed a problem:) but still thanks:)

Any more suggests please?


75 people. lets say 15 are admin/management.

This gives you 60 deliverable staff. You have over 7 vertical areas. Whilst some of the delivery team can be cross functional this is not throughout. So this gives you lets say 6 deliverable per vertical. So 1 sales, 1 support, 1 developer, 1 PM and 2 consultants. What happens when you sell more than 2 projects? SAP, JDE etc are not 100 day projects :slight_smile:

I believe you all will be masters of none, and therefore by inferenence difficult to be the best because you are not focused.

Tell me how many are in the AX vertical along with roles and the number of projects a year - your setup is probably stifling growth.

mmmm you are partially right!

In AX we have 1 PH, 2PL, 4 consultant! we had 4 - 5 projects last year i tink! they all work “round the clock”.