how to improve adjust costing operation time

hiya guys, i’m andre, a newbie here

i want to make adjust costing (NAV4 SP2) operation faster
by using SQL20005 table partitioning method

here’s my question :

  1. which table in SQL that i should choose to part?
  2. or if i have to find it myself,
    is there any tools in SQL that could trace the involved table during the operation (read/write/update)?

previously, i already some suggested method to get an improvement:

  1. table partition (by guessing) on item ledger enty (ILE) by using entry no. as the separator and put it on the different disk
  2. rebuilt database index (as suggested by Tuning Navision for better peformance rev 5 - Patrice Dupont)
    so far those method doesnt give me any improvement (due to an adjust costing).
    is there something that i miss, so those method failed?
    or adjust costing is not affected with those method because the main problem is in the C/AL CODE?

i’m kinda new in this area, so i really appreciated for any suggestion and input. thks :slight_smile:

PS :
i also post this at mibuso (

Just a question Andre - how regulary do you run Adj.Cost-Item batch job?

It will execute for ages, if run once a year :slight_smile: Having big Inventory + large amount of daily transactions, you may consider to run this batch job daily - or overnight, or in weekend - choose time when system load is lower. Maybe such approach solves your problem & there’s no need for more complicated methods.

i’ve set the setting to always, the operation seems to be longest at credit memo posting.

yep i know, that’s one of the best operational workaround i heard.
i need to negotiate with the client about the operational changes :frowning:

i just wondering, is there any technical approach, besides operational one?

thks for the reply Ivans :slight_smile: