How to import the values ​​from one table to another?

Hi everyone!

Well, i have a little question

How to import the values ​​from one table to another?

Please be detail :slight_smile:

Are the two tables of same version and same structure?

if yes, you can simply copy them…

if not,use dataports…

Sounds like: please teach me how to program in NAV. [6]

But to add to Mohana: google for example for “NAV TRANSFERFIELDS” and read and learn.

Thanks Luc, but it will work only when we have same ID’s and datatypes in both tables…

There is not much information on initial question regarding this…

[:)] True, Mohana, but it was (also) meant as a hint to “Duke” to start searching the internet. If you google on TRANSFERFIELDS you will find some valuable posts with discussions on, of course, TRANSFERFIELDS, and beyond that (including “only when we have same ID’s and datatypes in both tables”)!

As Matt Traxinger says: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a life time.”

okay :slight_smile:

first table:

ID, Category, Name, Price

in another table i need just

ID, Price (from first table)

maybe em… INSERT? how this works? =)

version 3.6 -_-

Take the posting routines as an example, meaning that you will need to copy field by field. Have a look at COD 212 (Res. Jnl.-Post Line) and see how data is copied form Res.Journal Line table to Res. Ledger Entry table.


I love the request for detail, when the question has next to none.

There are a bunch of ways but since you don’t explain your requirement it’s hard to say.

Are these custom tables?

Are the fields you need key fields?

Or Are you just looking for a flowfield lookup to show the values in another table?

How are you populating 1 of the tables?

Upon posting or entry do you want to also populate this second table?

If you have one table with the info you need why do you need a second?

If you want to learn here are some good links:

Means they want us to explain everything [Y]

That’s what I started with: