how to import the Tax Information For Vendors

I am Already Imported the TIN,CST,ECC numbers in the TaxRegistrationnumbers_IN Table.

with the Taxregistration type:Vendor.

How to Map these Numbers in to the Vendor…

I have 550 Records.

Hi Srinivas,

Check with your development team to write a job to update the tax registration numbers with vendor.

Based on the criteria (Vendor name, Registration type and Tax type), we can identify a unique number. We need to update this number in vendor details form/tax information.


Hi Narendra,

Can u please explain me, how to write the code.( i am developer).

Hi Srinivas,

Use DIXF tool to import. For that you need to install DIXF and configure source data format. Please provide more details how you want to import ie. by using DIXF or Excel addin or By writing a Job X++ script to read the data form the Excel. It is up to you.

Santhosh Kumar.