How to import the Standard TestCode Units BC 18.4 onPrem

In Luc van Vugt’s book for Automated Testing he mentions on page 42 Standard tests provided by Microsoft. When I say Get Test Codeunits in the Test tool the system does not add the standard TestCode. Does anyone know how to import the Standard test code to BC 18.4 onPrem. I want to try and use it without docker.


There was a couple of steps to get the standard tests and Libraries.

  1. From C:\BC18.4 W1\Applications\testframework you need to install the
  • TestLibraries :: Any,Assert,Variable Storage,Permissions Mock
  • Performancetoolkit:: (In this order)- Performance Toolkit, Performance Toolkit Tests, Performance Toolkit Samples
  • Test Runner:: Test Runner

2.From “C:\BC18.4 W1\Applications\BaseApp\Test” install the
“” first. After Publishing and installing this app you should be able to install the rest of the test apps in the folder.

  1. There are alot of test apps on the DVD. Again, Install the Test Library in the folder first (if there is one ) and then the app/s.
  • system application
  • BaseApp
  • CompanyHub
  • Email- Current User Connector
  • Email- Microsoft 365 Connector
  • Email- Outlook REST API
  • Email- SMTP Connector
  • EssentialBusinessHeadlines
  • LatePaymentPredictor
  • onprem permissions
  • paypalpaymentsstandard
  • salesandinventoryforecast
  • vatgroupmanagement