how to import the master data using DIEF in ax 2012

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Is there any MS manual is available how to import the master data ( customer / vendor / item ) in AX 2012 using Data Import/ Export frame work in AX 2012 .

As you all know the master tables architecture had been changed in AX 2012 , so when it comes to import the customer master data , what is the sequence of importing the data using Data import/Export framework in AX 2012 ?

Thanks in advance.

Any help from pioneers ?

It depends upon the data you want to import, but clearly supporting tables before master tables.

For example take customer table. , when it comes to customer we have the customer addresses , customer contact information, customer bank accounts , customer groups any finally customer master .

Can you post me if i want to import the above mentioned through the DIEF directly if i import in to customer table with all the fields , all data will sit in to supporting tables also ?

If not what would be the sequence to import ( first which table , next which table ) ( In NAV , customer , address , contact information all we can directly import in to customer table )

But AX customer table architecture is different , so could you share your experience?

Well it depends on your DIEF import structure I would guess. If you do it separately then the customer would be last, all other tables before it. Never used DIEF so no experience.

It depends on what your needs are. The project I’m working on, we started with Customers. But the Customer entity includes Address information, so we had to make sure there was enough supporting data for that: Cities, States, Counties, and Zip Codes. We found (the hard way), an address import will fail if the state doesn’t correspond to something in AX. We’re doing Customer Addresses after Customer, since the Customer Address entity contains a Customer ID field. Similarly, we’re doing Vendors before Vendor Addresses, and both of those before Items.

As far as I know, there’s no real set guide out there walking through the larger process of how to import all the data. Just how to do one entity at a time, and how to tweak those entities.

Thanks Jack for the reply ,

Did you get a chance to import the employees ?

Hi Steven,

I am facing lot of problems to import the data using excel add in and DIEF , not able to understand how to resolve the problem .

Could you share your experience to import the data and tools ?

Thanks in advance

Please refer to my earlier comment where I said I have never used them. I am not on the technical side.

I understood that you did not used the excel addin or DiEF tool to import the data .

What i would like to know is which method you use to import the data in Axapta 2012 ?

Thanks in advance.

Connectivity Studio with templates and scripts written by the partner I work for. Generally I do not get involved in this sort of work - the majority of customers are taking this task in house due to time and cost and using tools they are familiar with.