How to import open AR and AP in AX 2012?

Hi, I am wondering if someone can point me how to import Open AR and AP transactions in AX 2012? we are moving from legacy to AX 2012. Could we use the payment journals for this purpose? if so, could you please explain?

I was looking at the Data Management framework and it has template for GL_ARpaymentjournal & GL_APPaymentjournal.

Many thanks

We can use the general ledger for open AR & AP and not payment journal.

Hi Patrick,

You can use general journal or even AP invoice journal for invoices and payment journal for open payment.

See the backend table is same for al these journals and that is ledgerjournaltrans table so things remains same.


Thanks Pranav. As we import the Open AP - customer balance, open invoices and payments, I am curious to know what are the check-list or process to follow to reconcile AP and reconcile with GL. Similarly for AR. Appreciate your feedback.

See there are many methodologies for importing opening balance. The one and most followed is that you create separate journals for each sub-ledger posting account. Sub-ledger consists your AP, AR, FA etc.

Now, when we create journal for AP, we offset it to a opening balance account. In the journal itself you can see the total debit/credit balance. That total balance should always be equal to AP balances provided by client.

We ask client for the opening data. We just import and we can verify the balance before and after posting journal.

Lastly, run the vendor transaction report and verify it with the data provided.