How to import General journal header and line details.


I have to create General journal header and lines using DIXF tool and have to POST the journals, I am confused how to import and where and how to post or loop the no. of journal posting using DIXF.


S Kumar

HI Kumar,

I believe there is no such type functionality in DIXF for posting General Journal.

But you can do one thing customize your Journal entity.Like creating journals as well as posting same time.
See the below reference link for your reference, posting journals through code.…/64514

Note:: Changing standard functionality is not preferable.


Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the reply, it helps me to create and post the journal. I need a help where should I write code to call the post journals. like addstaginglind() helps to add data source for complex query or insertUpdate() to insert/update the records. similarly how and where can I write code to call the code postJournal() .



I found some thing interesting to create record in GL. PFB link, but to POST still trying !!!…/

If you are using DIXF, you can include the posting logic by overriding the method “PostTargetProcess”. where you will get buffer to DMFDefinitionGroupExecution .

Hi Anitha,

Sure!! Thank you…!! :slight_smile:

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