How to import Customers/ Vendors in AX 2012 using Excel add-in ?


Can anyone let me know how to import customers/ vendors in AX 2012 using excel add-in?

Also if we have setup number sequence for Cust/ Vend ID, where can we specify that the ID needs to be generated as per the number sequence at the time of import and also what needs to be entered in the Customer/ Vendor ID in the excel sheet at the time of publishing data ?



Have you had any luck solving this?

i am using Excel add in feature to import customers. however, the number sequence for Customer account and Party id is not auto-generating.

please post me back when you’ve found a solution.



Hi Lola,

at our end, we haven’t imported customer/vendor using excel add-in. We wrote job for that and customer/vendor were imported using csv file.

Excel add in has many limitations.


Hi Geeth,

Instead of Excel add-in, I would strongly encourage you to use Data migration Framework (DMF) which is available from InformationSource website. This tool has got extensive and rich user interface for importing complex entities such as customers, products, journals etc.

Hi Harish,

I am trying to Import Master Data into AX 2012. I am trying to get Data Templates for Customers, Vendors etc., In order to import into AX 2012. Do you have any idea on preparing Data Templates in Excel for importing same. In case of DMF, what will be the source? Can you share some more information regarding this?