How to import customer address??

Hi Every one,

I am facing one problem at the time of importing customer’s address…

In this snap shot, purpose of address is highlighted… How can I update this purpose for existing customer…

Please if you have any idea then share it…

Click Edit button on Address fast tab. Then open Purpose lookup and set purposes as required.

You want this to be updated during your import?

DirPartyLocationRole table need to be updated, which is related to DirPartyLocation further related to DirPartyTable

I write the code for updating purpose coumn but code is not affecting the value in that particular form.

How can i write the code for that?

I think it’s stored in DirPartyLocationRole table. If needed, check out what the system does if you change things manually and reproduce it in your code.

Have a look at \Classes\DirPartyLocationEntity\createLocationRole