How to implement GST in NAV 2009 R2 in US Version?

Dear All,

There is one requirement which I need to disscuss with everyone Your early response will be appreciated?

My client is using US Version of Dynamics NAV in 2009 R2 , they have 3 company in deffrent localisation in same DB.

One company is in India version with all transactions related to taxes, Now they want to implement GST in that company.

Firstly, how much fisible it is?

And how can we proceed or suggest our client to go ahead with us?

If you were only talking about GST in it’s basic form, then you could do it. The US version also contains the Canadian version (and the Mexican), as it is really called the North-American (NA) version.
But with my knowledge of the Indian localization of NAV, then it’s much more than GST.

So while you may be able to setup GST in the NA version, then it may not work exactly as required in India.
You should check exactly which requirements the Indian company has. Not all companies have the same requirements or must pay the same taxes, so much of the other stuff in the Indian localization may not be required by this company.

But maybe other of our members have tried to make an Indian company run in a NA version?

Thanks For your Valuable time and suggestion.

Dear Erik,

If its possible than how much customisation we need to do , means if we want to implement complete GST as in Indian Version to NA Version.

If any partner or developer has done this earlier than please do let me know?

Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated?

Well it depends how much functionality you need from the Indian version? Besides GST, there’s also eCess and a number of additional Indian taxes. And as far as I remember quite a lot more.

In my previous job, we decided to run India in the local version in our first release, as it would require too much when we were based on the W1 version. But in the later version we rebuild the actual requirements (rather than looking at how NAV India is done today) using the US sales tax module.

But it’s not something you do “in an afternoon” - it took months before it was ready, even with the US version.