How to Implement Customized lookup in Report Dialog ?

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pls help me , i m new in ax development

How can i implement Customized lookup in Report Dialog box.

for example i have two fields in my report dialog 1) Cust group 2) Customer

if i have selected a particuler cust group in first field then second field lookup should show only customers those come under this cust groups.

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I Have created a dialog in a class, the dialog method is as below

static void dialog(Args _args)
Dialog              dialog;
DialogField         dialogFieldCurrentState;
DialogField         dialogFieldNewState;
CustInvoiceTable    custInvoiceTable;


custInvoiceTable = _args.record();

dialog                  = new Dialog("Change State");
dialogFieldCurrentState = dialog.addField(TypeID(State_LT),"Current State: ");
dialogFieldNewState     = dialog.addField(TypeID(State_LT),"New State: ");

if (
    custInvoiceTable.State =  dialogFieldNewState.value();



in my dialog there are two fileds Current State and New State .Now when i select the New Statethe list of all states is displayed(irrespective of country) which i dont want. Only the states respective of country has to be shown in the lookup . I need to make use of a filter something like e.g. while select while select AddressState where addressState.CountryRegionId == custInvoiceTable.CountryRegionId; so that only states which are related to a country is shown.

State_LT here is an string EDT (where i put in the relation of State_LT) State_LT == AddressState.StateId

is it possible in default report dialog ? without using any class ? i have already impletemented all this in class but not able to do in default report dialog !

is any other way to do this in report dialog ?



yes ofcourse… u have also another method to impliment dialog. In Report also u can write

then how will we do in report dialog …??

I shall send u a mail…

I am also facing the same problem, so plz give me the solution.

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Me too facing the same kind of problem. Need the code. Can you mail me to

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What is the version of AX?

Hi Kranthi,

I’m using AX 2009.

In the report dialog, i have a lookup using EDT and the pain is, it shows records from all companies.

To display the company specific records, I a trying to implement custom lookup on report dialog.

To do so, i wrote the logic using SysTableLookup in a new method and now i can verify the right values in an infolog. I’m not sure whats the right way to call this lookup method on report dialog.

Please suggest!

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Me too facing the same kind of problem. Need the code. Can you mail me to

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Create a simple form with Cust Group Field, Customer Fieldn and one Click button,
Do ur lookup changes in Customer field and pass the cust group value in Customer field lookup range,

Then Run your report using X++ and pass the Cust Group and Customer Value in the Button Click