How TO Implement Bar Code in Tax Invoice in Navision 2016

Hi Experts ,

Please explain Steps to Implement Bar code in Navsion 2016 on Tax Invoice. With Proper code in Navision stepts.

Check this out, You will get an overview!!

It really depends on what you need. There is not just one way to do, so don’t expect to get a ready to use source code you can import into your system!!! If that’s what you need, then I know of many developers here on DUG, who would be happy to help you - on an hour rate of course. This is a user group you don’t even pay to be a member of. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

The link by rwn describes who to implement very basic bar codes one of the areas where it is most use, within warehousing and shipping. I’m sure your requirements are not exactly the same. If all you need is to have a single bar code, on your tax invoice then you need to add the field which contains the code to be used for your bar code to the report. Depending on the bar code type then you may need to add * around it, as explained in the blog post.

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