How to implement a webservice

“Background: we are developing a webshop solution for NAV and AX: We use a live business case to test and extend our webshop with various features and are now looking into a more close integration with Dynamics AX. We do not have Dynamics AX expertise, but ASP.NET instead. We use Dynamics AX for our soccer webshop:”


Thankfully MS have simplified implementing web service in DAX 2009. If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest starting from following white papers -

Consuming web service

Tips for creating web service


Thank you. I have been reading fast through all those documents. Quite boring the way it is presented. Do this, do that. I studied the sample of the currency webservice. It collects data from an external webservice outside AX. I want however, to push data to a webservice. I have seen AIF and simplified webservices in which I you can collect data with AX+ objects. However, how to encapsulate a stored procedure which collects the stock data in such service ready to call a webservice and pass out all data to the web(shop).


  1. Press button ‘upload stock data now’ in ‘Purchase Orders’, ‘Return Orders’ or in ‘Sales Orders’ where most transactions most likely occur.

  2. Collect data based on my stored procedure in SQL (this is question about).

  3. Open webservice, pass data to the service.

  4. Close webservice.