How to Immport sales orders

Hi Experts,

I am new to nav. Up to know i Know only how to import master data like customer, vendor, item details to navision.But i am very curious to know is it possible to import sales orders and purchase orders to navision. If Yes what is the solution to import in to navision. I would be very thankful if I cud get as many suggestions .

Thanks in advance

Yes, u can import the sales order and purchase orders. before that u got to map the relevant information u have with the terms of Navision. also u should check the mandatory fields or information to be filled to post a sales order and purchase order. for eg. Posting groups, structures. unless u map the ur information with NAV, it wil not allow u to post the orders…



Hi Uma,

Thank u very much.

After Map the information with navision. What are the steps I need to take. I am learner .

So could u some more information what I have to do next.

it has to store in two tables . That’s i am getting confused .what about next , how to proceed.

I am very grateful to do this help. Please provide some more information on this.

I hope u can provide .

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  1. First list out the tables which are all gets affected while putting an sales order/purchase order.

  2. Start mapping…

  3. import in a test DB and do the same in Main DB

Tables affected:

Sales Order:

Sales header - 36

Sales Line 37

Purchase Order:

Purchase Header - 36

Purchase Line - 37