How to host in NAV2009 R2

Hi, we are new at NAV2009 and my question can be simple one for most of you. What we can do is reaching the Webservice from our localhost but we can’t reach it from remote connection. We want our webservice to be reacheable for remote connections, for example we can reach from…/GetCustomers_XML but we can’t reach from http:// 85.105../DynamicsNAV/WS/ST/Codeunit/GetCustomers_XML. Please show us a way to do this, thanks…

You need to publish the web service.

I don’t know how to publish. Can you please tell how to?

Look at this post

Go to object designer and open form 810 and add details and publish make true.

We can already publish our pages or codeunits and we can reach them from our localhost. We want web service to be reached from outside. What is the way to do it?