How to hide the caption on a Page?


Can anybody help me to hide a field caption on a page?

Thanks!! in advance


Here’s a possible solution:

in the init() method, after the super():"") or"")

or blank your design properties

hope it helps




I am working in NAV 2009, is that the solution you suggested is for AX??


oops, sorry, I’m working on AX 2009, don’t know if it works for Nav but you can try, the code may works


I’m not sure this is possible without an add-in. What are you trying to accomplish? What’s the business reason for hiding the caption?

Read My Lips.

Nevertheless, what about using the CaptionClass functionality?

Hi Matt,

I am doing an upgrade . Its a custom form which i need to upgrade to Page. The form is designed in such a way that there are few fields without caption and placed the text boxes close to one another. I am trying to create the same in a Page. I have the issues only with the table fields, for VAR fields i keep the CaptionML as and the caption is not showing in the page. But no luck with the table field.



I tried using captionclass '3, ’ and it is returning blank but does show a “:” in the page. Is there any work-around for that?


Is it that important to have it the same way as on the form? Going from Classic to RTC standard NAV did some changes regarding the Post Code/City combination on master data card forms (Customer, Vendor, etc), where there as one label for this combination on a for, it was changed to two fields with each its own caption on RTC page.

Nope. As you can see with all captions the “’:” is added to every caption label.

BTW: did you consider using the FixedLayout? Have a look at e.g page 151 (Customer Statistics)?

Hi Luc Van,

i seen that page 151 and on this page Fields under GridLayout

and those fields arranged in single row thats why default Caption “:” Is not displayed

according to this issue The Fields under Fixed layout so how can i hide “:”

please Explain…



Check the property called ‘Showcaption’ for fields on page.

Thanks Amol

If it solved your problem then kindly verify solution which will help others…