How to hide submenu's from the content pane

Dear all,

suppose in DAT/Accounts payable/Accounts payable Area–>Inquiris–> i have 4 sub menu’s are there.

now i want to hide 1.Journals 2.History these 2 sub nodes from the content pane…How it is possible in ax 2009 ?

AOT>MENUS>VEND>Inquiries>, here u can remove history or any other sub menus as u intend to ,

Note :- Deleting the user layer with bring back the standard menus.

You can do it on 2 ways:

  1. By using security key:
  • Create a new security key.
  • Give no access for that security key to all roles
  • Assign this security keys to AOT>Menus>Vend>Journal and history.
  • Restart the client
  1. By using condiguration key
  • Create a new configuration key
  • Assign it to AOT>Menus>Vend>Journal and history
  • Disable the configuration key.
  • Take care for using this method. This will effect the database directly.