How to hide Finance from Departments menu in Nav 2009 R2

Hi All,

We have assign user property for Menu Suite in Nav 2009 r2 classic. can we achieve this in Nav 2009 r2 RTC ?.
I want to remove the finance only from the Department. I tried but whole department is getting removed. I tried adding new menu, but the proper structure (grouping) i am not able to replicate in this. Please give your valuable suggestion and guidance.

Have you selected Design for RoleTailored Client when designing new menusuite.

Yes i have selected 1090 Dept … I made assign user unchecked its not reflecting in RTC.

I have checked the Customize Navigation Page in RTC which i can only remove department completely not the finance group in it. I also tried to create new from RTC it will not give you the group structure which is there in Department. So it looks ugly.

Any suggestion ??

Thanks for your quick response.

I think You can achieve this configuration mode for specific user profile.

Hi amol,

Please guide me i tried to modify the profile. But the problem i faced is i cannot remove the finance from Department. THE WHOLE department is getting removed. I checked the version of nav i am using its w1 6.0 r2 (6.00.33750).

If you want to completely remove the department menu for all users then you can delete the menu in design mode.

Hi Prajeesh,

You can read how to configure role center profiles and hide the departments menu in this post.