how to have Customized Context help and Can we edit the existing context help

NAV 5 provide context help for most of standard objects…i need to provide similar facility for customized objects …and also add new informatoin to the existing standard object’s contect help.

how to achieve this…i have see certain post here, which relates to earlier version…and i read about helptoolkit for NAV 2009…

i need this for NAV 5

Use Nav Tool Kit Help.

You can donload Nav Tool Kit Help for version 2009 at

It’s very useful tool.

It contains a good help project (NAV_HelpGuide.chm) that explains what you need to know.

i know there is a toolkit in NAV 2009…but what about NAV 5

To create your own OLH (NAV 5) you can also use the NAV 2009 Help Toolkit.