How to have Alternative Items in Purchase Order in AX 2012 ?


Is there any way suggesting for an ‘alternative item’ in Purchase Ledger > Purchase Order.

I see ‘Alternative Item’ in Sales Order but not when creating Purchase Order.

Any advise around ‘Alternative Item’ while creating Purchase Order would be helpful…Thanks


I do not believe the functionality exists. Whilst in sales you can potentially offer the customer an alternative this is not true in purchasing depending upon the source of your demand.

Thanks Adam for confirming.

Do you have any idea how this can be achieved in Purchase Order?


Is there any alternative to ‘Alternative Item’ in Purchase Order ? [;)]

No you would need to customise the system to achieve this. You need to consider what to do with PR, planned purchases, what happens when the demand is from a customer, direct delivery, stocking trigger, transfer, BOM requirement, etc.

You mean here by customisation is development ?

Yes customisation/modification/development.