How to handle assortment items ?

Sometimes, we sold our product in assortment to our customers. For instance, assortment no. “1234” is composed of three product items X, Y, Z. How to create assortment in items master and show the assortment and items relations in sales order ? please kindly share your experiences. Thx !

Briefly - you will need to create an item of type BOM for your no. 1234. Then attach the BOM structure with your components x,y,z. Then on the sales line you can enter the product 1234 and use the function ‘Explode BOM’ to show all of the components on the sales lines.

Thanks. I see. But BOM items could not be shown in sales order printout. Do you I need to modify the report by myself ?

Yes, if you want to see the components on sales documents such as the sales order or picking list, you will have to modify the code. I know of other users who have wanted to do this or have had this done. Like them, you will find that there are other things to consider in this scenario: - Pricing - Sales history tracking - Downdating component stock (there is a flag to trigger this at invoicing time, although this is possibly a bit late to keep an accurate record of stock as the goods have already been shipped by then!)