how to group with multiple field in nav 2009

i have to use value entry table as data item and in that i have to group it with item no and location code .

how to do it please explain and on the basis of these two group i have to get the correct totals of qty , sales amount etc.

anyone plz reply hurry

no one is there to tell me?

Go to Value Entry Data item properties. In the group fields property enter those two fields and in the section designer add Group total section and add those two fields.

i already did these steps and the output is not coming accordingly

in request form i had give start date and end date so whn i will enter the dates the particular item with same location code should come once and it should total all the lines with same item no and location code

in my case its printing all the lines one by one and at last a total line is also printing but i dont want that the other lines which are coming i want only total line

Sir, Please apply SETRANGE on Posting date field of the Value Entry table with StartDate and EndDate in Pre-Dataitem trigger of Value Entry Dataitem table.

i did that sir without setranging the start date and nd end date how will i get the preview of particular date

i need to get an answet about how to desgin the section where to put the two field by which i have to group

Go to properties of Body section and write CurrReport.Showoutput(FALSE). I am giving suggestions based on my understanding of your question.