how to getvalue of radiobutton control from dialog of report


I am creating a report in which on the dialog i have added radiobuttons (using baseEnums). how can i get the value of selected radio button.

i am using following code in getfromdialog method but getting errors:

radioValue = dialodRadio.value();

pls help


Hello Manish,

Try this in this logic in report…

static void Example_RadioControl(Args _args)


Dialog dlg;

DialogField dlgf;

ABC abc;


dlg = new Dialog();

dlgf = dlg.addFieldValue(typeid(ABC),abc);


abc = dlgf.value();



I am also having many questions with respect to the radio button control, it is one of the button controls which I can’t understand well the most. Your question is just one of the similar one of mine. The answer above seems practical, I’d like to take a shot.