how to get when i am checking the check box in form activate the menu item button in action pane

any one know this scenario please reply me syntax iam new into this technology

Could you please explain what you’re trying to do and what problems you have with it?

By the way, syntax is just a set of rules how to use a language, it’s not a concrete sentence or a computer program.

thanks for reply iam facing this issue

in details form we have field like checkbox (No ::Yes) when i check the check box ,

in action pane menu item button should be greyed out (activated ) other wise it should be not activated

where should i write the logic in form

first of all store the no:yes checkbox as enum noyesid in the table.

If it is listpage, goto listpage integration class and use the enable property of actionpane button , dont forget to set auto declaration property as YES for action pane button… and if you are using details form then you can use the visibility property of the button in the active method of the datasource where this checkbox no:yes is going to be stored.