How to get warning message at contract period ends

Hello everyone

I am having difficulties to understand how to get warning message if a contract ending timeline will come.

I dont want to have any financial posting on this action. It will be used only to follow timelines.

My needs are as follows :

  1. Register a contract with starting date and expire date ( I think i can make a Contract Quote )

  2. Getting an warrning message when the ending date will be near ( For example : a month before)

Thnx in advance

Hi Felix,

this is not too difficult.
An option would be to extend the LogInStart function in the Codeunit 1 to set a filter on the table holding your contracts and if some are about to expire to raise the form or page which displays these records.

If you want this functionality for certain users only you could additionally extend the “User Setup” table with an additional field which you switch on for these users and just display the form/page for those user have the property set.

Hi again, Felix,

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