how to get values from third party to temporary tables

Hai All,

here i have one requirements likes …

how to import data’s from third party likes( Xl , XML) to temporary tables ( sales order details / purchase order details) …with three flags . … once the data is inserted into to temporary table the created ENMU must be ( YES) or else (NO) and the error message must be filled in field and it should show the error message in that particular field…

So what’s your question? How to read XML files? How to insert data to temporary tables? How to capture error messages? Or something else?

Please don’t expect that you’ll send a list of requirements here and somebody will do the whole work for you. It’s not how it works.

hi martin.

how to read xml files and insert into temporary table header and lines ???

You have many options how to parse XML files, e.g. using XMLDocument and related classes (example here).

Regarding temporary tables, you’ll find detailed description with examples on MSDN: Temporary Tables and the TableType Property [AX 2012].