How to get values from one grid to another Grid ?


I am having two grids and two tables. One table is filled with values which are shown in Grid 1 and another table is Empty. Pls can any one guid me as how i can copy selected records from one grid and store into another table and then display only selected records into 2nd Grid.

I tried using Insert_Recordset but i am not able get the selected records saved in another table. I am getting confused in the naming conventions and concepts. My table names are TempCustHimanshu & TempSelectedCustomer.I have drag and drop this two tables in Datasource.

In form button i am defining

TempCustHimanshu CustList1,List1;

TempSelectedCustomer SelectedCustomer;

I am using CustList1 to insert data from form into database in table TempCustHimanshu using Insert() . I am using List1 to get all the marketedRecords from the grid.

How can i get selected rows from Grid 1 and save it in Database in tempSelectedCustomer table and then show it in Grid2.

Thanks in advance for your help.


These are temporary tables. if yes then you have to look into the query either you are able to select records from it or not?

if records are select then when inserting intoe another temp table use settmp table method.