How to get Username when using windows Login


I’m currently in a process of moving users from a database login to a windows login on NAV 5.0.

Have an issue with username,

When using windows login username in automatically filled in using a DOMAIN\USERNAME syntax in place of Firstname Lastname display. This is a problem because we use username information in a lot of customized reports to print out full username information.

Does anybody knows a solution for that?



The USERID will be displayed without the domain name so you just see the login of the user in the reports.

On the other hand you could create a Salesperson/Purchaser record for each user and assign the salesperson code to the user’s record in the “User Setup” table.

Then get the user name from the salesperson/purchaser table and print in the report.

Hi Etienne,

You can use the virtual table Windows Object to get the User Name.

I have attached a patch which can help you retrieve the Windows login names.


Retrieve Windows Login Name in (51.2 KB)

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