How to get used table id's in Ax 2009

when ever i am creating a table it gives a unique id. let us assume that i create table TABLE1 for testing it gives the id 500010

after i created another table TABLE2 with id 500011. Now deleted the table which is having the id 500010.

Now what i want is how to assign the table id 500010 to TABLE2 ?

Restart Dynamics AX server service.

did it…

but no effect…

This might work:

  1. Export the table with its current id.
  2. Delete the table
  3. Edit the xpo file and change the id to what you want
  4. Import the xpo file with the id option checked. As long as the id is not used by something else, then it should get imported with that id.

k…i will check it

But what i did previously is

i changed the table id in sql server by using query

[ select * from sqldictionary]

Here i changed the id value by using sql query.

it shows me the new id [Effected] in sql server.

but it doesn’t effect to AOT Tables

How can i do this…?

Thank’s Daniel Kuettel

it’s working…