How to get the vendor'e mail email address in the printer setup email option

Hi All,

I have a scenerio

step1: we create a purchase order using a vendor(vendro has a email address which is

step2: person confirms the purchase order under the tab<< purchase <<confirmation.

step3:it will open a new form "confirm purchase order "

select the purchase order in the below grid underview and and click in check box print purchase order and then please click on button called printer set up then it will open a form called "print destination form " and under email section of it we get an option to add an email .

can we achieve the respective email address of purchase order to appear in this place

which means in ā€œSRSPrintDestinationSettingsFormā€ form "???

I am using AX 2012 R3

Did you try using print management Destination?

Check this(for Customers actually):