How to get the value of a field from another form?

Dear Friends, I have a form say “Deposit Card” with two fields ID, Name(Table : Deposit). I have another form say “Depositor List” (Table : Depositor). I have invoked the “Depositor List” form using a field “Name” in the “Depositor Card” form(using Tablerelation Property). Now my question is whether can I able to get the value of the ID field that is in the “Depositor Card” form ? N.Sridhar

I think you need to have a look at the development guides about how to change data in navision. Tablerelations do not retreive data. You either need a flowfield or a function to get data from other tables. Good luck!

You need to know what should happen to the information in the deposit card when the depositer information is getting changed. Example: Create a Sales Order for a customer and invoice it. Then change the Customers address in the customer card. Check the invoice. It still shows the “old” customer address. This is becuase at the time where you posted the invoice this address was correct. It would be completely confusing if this information would change as well, as you would not be able to print the invoice again with exactly the same information as original. You might say this is not a problem, but it comes to a problem if you change the posting information like Bus. Posting Group. So the right way to do this is to create the same field you want to see on the deposit card in the deposit form and fill in this field when validating the depositer ID into it.