How to get the value in reverse way


Am creating a form and getting values from another table. Here the validation is to get the value in reverse. For example. a field called checkpoint where am getting the value as per in the table. If it has value 1,2,3. and it comes as 1,2,3. Now what I need is it has to flow in reverse way that is 1,2,3,2,1. How to get it, Need reply as soon as possible.



you want to reverse the value in your form or reports?

Hi Seshadri.

I have doubt on your query.

1.Are you going to create Report of Form?

2.The field you mentioned (checkpoint) is a unique primary key field ?

If your answer is “NO” for qustion 2 then its not possible to reverse the value.

Because the table may have more records with same value.Please give us more info.


Jerome Marshal.J