How to get the List of all ware house module objects in NAV 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to learn dynamics NAV 2013.

I have to renumber all the standard objects of ware house module of NAV 2013.

Is there any way to get the list of all the objects of a module without skipping any object.

Please help…

Hi Pooja,

Would like to know why you want to renumber all standard WMS objects ???

Just as an activity i have been assigned by my seniors.

Any suggestions please

Maybe they are pulling your leg [:#]

Are you and your senior are sure what they are trying to do ???

Be careful with such seniors [;)]

haha yes they are sure please tell me is there any way to identify all the objects of any module…?

If you are sure then you need to find out the object with Warehouse but as well as you need to find out other objects also wherein actual posting happening like common codeunit,

Hi Pooja,

Love to hear if you solved this task or not.

I have seen and heard a lot over the years when it comes to NAV, but sometimes I’m still amazed. Both by the tasks some companies are giving newbies into NAV and how people just accept those tasks without asking question to what the purpose of the tasks actually is. If you’re given a task to “modify this invoice”, “change this page” etc., that is understandable (most of the time), but just accepting a task like this without asking “why”. That I don’t understand.

If a developer or consultant doesn’t understand what he/she is doing and why, then they will never learn and become a effective NAV professional.

And this particular task really doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would anyone take one of the biggest and most integrated “modules” of NAV and renumbering it? My guess is that doing this wouldn’t do anything good. You wouldn’t be able to use it for anything. Most of the modules “core” functionality is located in other standard tables like the purchase header/line and sales header/line tables.Would you have to renumber those fields also? Or making a copy of them in the same tables?

Well I hope that you at least have found out why they wanted you to do this!

Have a nice day!