How to get schema for a document service exposed ?

Hi techies/developers,

I have created a document service or lets say I have “SalesQuotationService” (document service) and I have registered and deployed this service with file system adapter.

Now what i need is the schema which this service needs on the inbound folder

for eg.for the SalesSalesOrderService we have the below schema.(…/hh352313.aspx))

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Envelope xmlns="[">">](
      <SalesOrder xmlns="[">">](
        <SalesTable class="entity">
          <SalesLine class="entity">

I have checked the service operations and the schema over there is too big.
So how can I get something similar to above for Sales Quotation.
Highly appreciate your help.

What exactly do you mean by “the schema over there is too big”? Is it for AX 2012?

Hi Martin,

Yes this is for AX 2012 R3

By schema I mean that the schema what we get when we click on the parameter schema .

this has all the fields of the query which is used in the AX salesorder query.

I need to keep a xml in a folder to create a salesorderQuote .something which we have in the sales order creation :

The above link does not works for AX 2012 R3,however this works for AX 2012 RTM.

I would really appreciate if you explained what you mean by "“the schema is too big”. Now I can only guess what you want.

My guess is that you see more fields in the schema than you would like because you didn’t adjust Data policies, therefore all fields are included. If you go to Data policies, you can remove fields that you don’t need.