How to get sales Responsible field in the Excel sheet ?

Hi experts ,

I am trying to create csv file …i have around 31 fields …in that first row should be header and second row should be sub header .I am useing container I am getting values but I am unable to get the field called sales responsible …value showing some value like recid…but I want print sales responsible person name …can u some one suggest how to get name ?

One more thing in the 31 fields last 7 fields will be come under sub header and if it has lines …that many lines should come in sub header fields.

Please suggest me how to achieve this one please

Do you mean the WorkerSalesResposible on salesTable?
If so, you can get the name by using Tables\HcmWorker\Methods\name
Example - HcmWorker::find(salesTable.WorkerSalesResposible ).name();

Can you explain the other requirement in detail?

Thanks for the reply …

no kranthi this 2 fields in salesquotationtable “Wokersalesresponsible” and “WorkerSalesTaker”… i want this 2 fields in person names in the excel sheet we can find this field quotation header level in the form level…(in the excel sheet u can refer the what i am getting the value at 1st field called Person )

coming to other requirement we have 31 fields in that 1 row should be main header and 2 row should be sub header …

Sub header fields coming from 2 customization tables which we added in salesquotaionline level tab level.

2 tables are “Bom info table” and another one is “Operation info table” . whenever we will create the quotation, that time we will enter the lines in the “bom info” tab and “operation info table” (but this 2 tables don’t have any link or relation this are independent table)…

i am sharing excel sheet for reference …

thanks kranthi once again for your valuable time

You can the same approach(use method).

What issue do you have?

workersalesresponsible field now coming with person name thanks a lot.
but sub header level we need get multipule lines which we enter in the Bom Info and Operation info Tab at Quotationline level. presently i am getting one line .

Can you show us your code?

this i wrote on the run method

private void run()
CommaIo io;
Dialog dialog;
DialogField dlgFileName;
Filename csvfileName;
FileIOPermission permission;
PurchLine_IN purchLine_IN;
int recordCount = 0;
int i=0;
String20 quotaionJourId;
int strLength;
String10 offer;
AccountNum accountNum;
SalesTaker pesron;
int j;
//str City;
//str Country;

SysOperationProgress exportprogress = new SysOperationProgress();


exportprogress.setCaption(“Exporting quotation lines to CSV file…”);

// Header Column

conHeader = [“SL NO “,“Card issue date”,“Sample card”,“Version”,“Product class”,“Customer”,“End customer”,“City”,“Country”,“Person”,“Part Name”,“Part Number”,“Label SIze”,“New FACELIFT”,“Model”,“SOP”,“Qty per Annum”,“Price per set”,“Approx Annual value”,“Sample Qty”,“Cust Date”,“PD Date”,“Dispatch Date”,“Offer”,“BOM Info”,””,"","",“OPeration info”,"",“Remarks”];
conSubHeader = ["","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",“Item Name”,“Product Name”,“Item size”,“item Qty”,“operation Name”,“Operaton Description”];
dialog = new Dialog(“Exporting quotation lines”);
dialog.filenameLookupFilter([“Excel Files”,"*.csv"]);
dlgFileName = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(FilePath),“File Path”);

queryRun = new QueryRun(queryStr(PwC_SampleCard));


csvfileName = strFmt(@"%1%2%3_%4.csv",dlgFileName.value(), “QuotationDetails”, date2str(today(),321,2,0,2,0,4),strRem(time2Str(timeNow(), TimeSeparator::Colon, TimeFormat::Hour24), “:”));
permission = new FileIOPermission(csvfileName,#io_write);

io = new CommaIo(csvfileName,#io_write);


if(!io || io.status() != IO_Status::Ok)
throw error(“Error in opening file!”);



//j = 4;
custQuotationJour = queryRun.get(tableNum(CustQuotationJour));
custQuotationTrans = queryRun.get(tableNum(CustQuotationTrans));
//pwC_AdditionalBOMItems = queryRun.get(tableNum(PwC_AdditionalBOMItems));
inventtable = queryRun.get(tableNum(InventTable));
salesQuotationLine = queryRun.get(tableNum(SalesQuotationLine));

custTable = CustTable::find(custQuotationJour.InvoiceAccount);

City = dirparty::primaryPostalAddress(custtable.Party).City;
Country = dirparty::primaryPostalAddress(custtable.Party).CountryRegionId;

select WorkerSalesTaker from salesQuotationTable
where SalesQuotationTable.QuotationId == SalesQuotationLine.QuotationId;
pesron = salesQuotationTable.WorkerSalesTaker;

inventTable = InventTable::find(custQuotationTrans.ItemId);

select ItemGroupId from inventItemGroupItem
where inventItemGroupItem.ItemId == inventTable.ItemId;
quotaionJourId = custQuotationJour.QuotationId + ‘-’;
strLength = strLen(quotaionJourId);

//select * from salesQuotationLine
// where salesQuotationLine.QuotationId == custQuotationTrans.QuotationId
// && salesQuotationLine.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId
// join pwC_AdditionalBOMItems
// where pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.InventTransId == salesQuotationLine.InventTransId
// join pwC_OperationInfoTable
// where pwC_OperationInfoTable.QuotationId == salesQuotationLine.QuotationId
// && pwC_OperationInfoTable.InventTransId == salesQuotationLine.InventTransId;

select * from salesQuotationTable
where salesQuotationTable.QuotationId == custQuotationJour.QuotationId;

select ExternalItemID from custVendExternalItem
where custVendExternalItem.CustVendRelation == custQuotationJour.OrderAccount
&& custVendExternalItem.ModuleType == 4
&& custVendExternalItem.ItemId == inventTable.ItemId;

if(salesQuotationTable.PwC_Offer == NoYes::Yes)
offer = ‘Offer’;
offer = ‘Sample’;

while select * from pwC_AdditionalBOMItems
where pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId

while select * from pwC_OperationInfoTable
where pwC_OperationInfoTable.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId
// conQuotationData = conNull();
conQuotationData = [i, //1 sl no custQuotationJour.QuotationDate,//2 Card issue date custQuotationTrans.quotationDocNum(),//3 sample card strDel(custQuotationTrans.quotationDocNum(),1,strLength),// 4 version inventItemGroupItem.ItemGroupId,//5 product class custQuotationJour.OrderAccount,//6 customer name inventTable.PwC_CustName,//7 End customer City,// 8 city Country,// 9 country HcmWorker::find(pesron).name(),//10 person //salesQuotationTable.WorkerSalesTaker,// 10 person inventTable.itemName(),// 11 part name custVendExternalItem.ExternalItemId,// 12 Part No salesQuotationLine.PwC_LabelDim,// 13 Label dim salesQuotationLine.PwC_NewFaceLift,// 14 new/facelift inventTable.PwC_ModelID,//15 model salesQuotationLine.PwC_Sopdate,// 16 sop salesQuotationLine.PwC_QuantityPerAnnum,// 17 Qty per annum custQuotationTrans.SalesPrice,// 18 Price per set salesquotationline.PwC_ApproxAnnualValueOfBusiness,// 19 Aprox annual value of Bussiness custQuotationTrans.Qty,// 20 sample Qty salesQuotationLine.ShippingDateRequested,// 21 Cust. Date salesquotationline.PwC_Pddate,// 22 pd date salesquotationline.ConfirmedDlv,// 23 Disp. Date offer,// 24 offer/ sample pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.ItemId,// 25 item id of bom pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.ItemName, // 26 Item name pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.ItemSize,// 27 item size pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.Qty,// 28 Item qty pwC_OperationInfoTable.OperationName,// 29 Operation Name pwC_OperationInfoTable.OperationDescription,// 3o Operation Desc salesquotationline.PwC_SpecialRemarks// 31 remarks ];


// while select * from pwC_AdditionalBOMItems
// where pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId

// {

// conBOMItems = ["","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.ItemId,


//while select * from pwC_OperationInfoTable
//where pwC_OperationInfoTable.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId


info(strFmt(“Report generated and saved. Path: %1”, csvfileName));
info(“Invalid file name specified!”);
throw error(“Erorr in exporting journal lines.”);


You are not doing anything by using these while loops. You may have to write the data to file with in the while loop.


while select * from pwC_AdditionalBOMItems
where pwC_AdditionalBOMItems.InventTransId == custQuotationTrans.InventTransId


// assign values in the container and then write it to file.