how to get query range value to X++Report

Hi guys,

i am opening a report throw a menu-item button, how can i show the value that i have entered in dialog in the report header means query value need to show on report…

Hello SaiBabu,

If it a added control in the dialog box and the variable might be declared in the class declaration, so use that variable and write the display method which return that varible declared globally,in the header of the report.
For example if you are having the From date and to date in the dialog box.
These variable might be declared in the class declaration as fromDate and toDate.
In the getFromDialog, the values from the dialog will be assigned to these 2 variables.
Now write the display method in the page header of the report as and add the control for this method in the header.
display TransDate fromdate()
return fromdate;

Or if not the added control…
SysQuery::findorCreateRange(pass the parameters of the field which trying to capture)