How to get no of days for a month based on selection?

Hi All,

How to get no of days for a month based on selection? For example, If I choose feb, 2012, i need 29. If feb, 2011, then it should be 28.


Kuppusamy S

You can use following code:-

static void getMonthDays(Args _args)
if((year(systemDateGet()/provide the date/) mod 4) ==0)
print “29”;
print “28”;

Hi Vinay,

Thank you for your response. Actually, I ve an enum type for choosing month and one more enum type for choosing year.

Based on the month and the year I choose, I need to get the no of days for that month and year… This is my requirement. Help me out to resolve this.


Kuppusamy S

Hi Kuppusamy,

In the place of y and m varibales take the enum value of month and year in your case…you will get the noofdays in the month…

static void Job15(Args _args)
yr y = 2012;
int m = 02;
TransDate endDate;
int NoOfDays;
endDate = Global::dateEndMth(mkdate(01,m,y));
NoOfDays = dayOfMth(endDate);

Try this…

Naresh Kolli.


Based on your month(monthEnumValue) & year(yearEnumValue) value selection you can get the days of months using following code-

if(monthEnumValue==JANUARY || monthEnumValue==MARCH || monthEnumValue==MAY || monthEnumValue==JULY || monthEnumValue==AUGUST ||
monthEnumValue==OCTOBER || monthEnumValue==DECEMBER)
PRINT “31”;
else if(monthEnumValue==APRIL || monthEnumValue==JUNE || monthEnumValue==SEPTEMBER || monthEnumValue==NOVEMBER)
PRINT “30”;
else if(monthEnumValue==FEBRUARY && ((yearEnumValue mod 4) == 0))
PRINT “29”;
PRINT “28”;

Thank you Naresh and Vinay… Both working good… Thank you once again.


Kuppusamy S