How to get last year figure in Account Schedule?

Hi All, I want to use Account Schedule to create a report to show last year figure. We know we can input Date Filter in Account Schedule Overview. So I want to show the figure of the same period of last year. The period is the same as the Date Filter user inputs. For example, user put in 05-12-01…05-12-15, then I will show a figure of 04-12-01…04-12-15. I try to use Comparison Period Formula, and I put -1FY[CP]. It doesn’t work. I cannot use Comparison Date Formula becuase the period user inputs may not be per month. How to solve it?

I found the solution myself. Just put -1Y in Comparison Date Formula.

Hehe, just ignore a problem long enough and it is solving itself. Sometimes the easiest solution is the right solution.

Hi Thomas, if you are using version 3.70 the previous year comparison is a bit twitchy i.e it doesnt always give the correct results. I logged this with MBS support in Ireland a few months ago and they could not resolve it, in the end one of our developers found the bug. I works fine in version 4. I thought you should know as you helped me with my PO number series problem…Paul