How to Get Fixed Row No with Total involved ?

Hello Everyone,

I need a help here on report design using SQL Server Report Builder. I have a data Grouped by Document No. with Total displayed for each Document No.


The tricky part here, i need to make sure one page to display 5 row, even if there’s no longer data displayed. like below.


I have tried method with Ceiling expression on the group to make sure there’s page break every 5 row.


and then put the Visibility Expression on every rows to hide the row based on the RowNumber result.

3rd Row : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) - 5 >= 0,true,false)

4th Row : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) - 4 >= 0,true,false)

5th Row : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) - 3 >= 0,true,false)

6th Row : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) - 2 >= 0,true,false)

7th Row : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) - 1 >= 0,true,false)

Like below :


However the result still incorrect, as displayed below :


Is there anything i can do to rectify this ?

Hi Everyone, kindly help this. If you have other method other than what i did you can also share me. thanks.

[mention:b398f13f87cf4705972861dadae78f38:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] Normally for these OR Background lines I always use Images with the exact number of lines I wish and then add as a Background Image.

Hi RockWithNAV,

I’m unfamiliar with your method. Can you please let me know in detail ? I like to know more.

Just information, right now i’m using integer to generate emptylines. However my main problem is unable to page break correctly, because Ceiling formula i mentioned above isn’t counting Group Footer.